Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Alaskan's come for a visit!

My brother and his family came down from Ketchikan, Alaska for a visit this last week. We had so much fun together but the time went by really fast. I hate saying goodbye to them because we never know when we are going to see them again.

We went to a baseball game in St. George. The whole reason was so that my brother's family could see some sun. It rains a lot in Ketchikan and they see little sun. The two older boys sat in the shade. My brother had to force them to move down a row so that they were in the sunshine. They then complained about how hot they were and started rubbing ice on their faces. It was all of 58 degrees in St. George. I thought it felt perfect!

We also had dinner at my Mom's house and my sister and her family came over for that. I was fun to have that many of us together. The only one's missing were my oldest brother's family who is also in Alaska.

This little guy was a lot of fun to see. He is four and I hadn't seen him since he was two. I went to Ketchikan right after he turned two. I had on a hoodie that said SEATTLE across it. He looked down and pointed at the E and said "E." He then proceeded naming all the letters. I was really surprised! He knew the whole alphabet! Now two years later he can full on read! I don't think it is just word recognition either. He can sound things out. We went to a basketball game and the scoreboard was flashing "Make Noise" He looked up at it and said "Make Noise?" It was so cute! He also read a whole sentence to me out of the book I was currently reading. He is a smart little thing! He is funny too. We took him to walmart and he got on one of those kid rides in the lobby part. My Mom put money in and made it go. His brothers were kind of standing on it. He said, "Get off, this is just a one player game." I started saying to him, "I think you're cute." He would respond with, I think YOU'RE cute!"

It was so good to have that many of us together. I can't believe that my nephews are growing so fast! They also announced to us that there is going to be a new addition to the family in July! They don't find out what they are having, so I won't know if it is a new niece or nephew until the day he/she is born. But I can't wait! I just hate that they live so far away! I guess I better get saving so I can fly up and see the new baby!


Bridget said...

How fun! They look great too. I can't believe how grown up their boys are. Is that Ellie? She's growing up to. Happy you got to see them! Cute, Cute!

Colette Roundy said...

Lisa, thanks so much for posting those pics. I haven't seen Lyle in years! Crazy, how fast time flies. Does he have three boys? I love your family!

Colette Roundy

Lisa said...

yep that was Ellie. She is getting big. And yes, Lyle has 3 boys and a new boy or girl on the way!

Liberty Williams said...

Love the picture of you kissing your nephew. So, maybe we should take a trip to Alaska...All the lodging would be free I have friends you have family??? Plus I've never got down to Ketchikan.

Erin H. said...

How fun! Family is awesome, and I'm glad you had as much time as you did to enjoy one another!

Kori said...

Sweet! What a great experience to have them back for a little bit. It was good to see them. I can't believe how big the boys are getting . Holy cow. Wish we could have been there to see them too. That's great Andrea's having another one. I'll cross my fingers for a girl for her. Thanks for sharing.

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