Monday, October 11, 2010

Crazy September

September was such a busy month!  Mostly good stuff, thank goodness.
-Found out I have a good judgment when picking a horse to bet on at the horse races.  I won 4 out of 6.  (Friendly betting with my friends. A dollar a race.)  I walked away with 11 more dollars than I came with! (Iron County Fair)
This is one of my winning picks!
 -Went to Time Out for Women with my sister and her friend K-Lee in Logan.  We had a great time and it was a great way to refresh! And got to see Ellie on the way home.
-Found out the salon I have been working at for the last three and a half years was going out of business.  Had two and a half weeks notice.  I had actually been expecting it.
-Found a brand new salon that would be opening right when we needed it too.  The new owner hired all of us from the old salon so we are all still working together! (pictures to come, it is really cute!)
-Skyfest was practically in my front yard!  I loved it!

 -Went to the Demolition Derby in Orderville, always a good time!

 -My brother and his family moving here.  So I got to meet my newest niece.  She's a red head and so very precious!

-Attended a fundraiser in my home town for my Uncle who has been diagnosed with terminal cancer.  Makes me grateful for the small town I come from when you see everyone banned together like that!
-My Mom and Step-dad left on their mission to Nauvoo.  I am very excited for them but know I am going to miss them a lot.
You don't have to wait for the mail anymore. My Mom picture texted this to me. :)
-Nephew that just moved here's 5th birthday.
-On the very last day of September I packed up my stuff from the old salon into my car.  I was unemployed for the next four days.  The new place didn't open until October 5th.  It was kind of weird to not have a place to go work even if I wanted to.  Thank goodness it was only four days.
My four days of unemployment consisted of sleeping in, lunch with a friend, cutting hair in my bathroom, breakfast with a friend, going to Tuachan (which was rained out), driving to Provo and back in a day to see my Mom and Neal before they left the MTC, catching up on some TV shows, attending a piano concert, and then telling the boy that took me to the piano concert we would only ever be friends. Oops, think I made him mad!
Yep, it has been a busy month and a half.  I didn't even include the bridal shower and wedding of a former roommate/good friend.  Hopefully life will slow down a little.
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