Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Cabo Cruise Part 2 (Can you believe it?)

These are the pictures I was waiting for.  Kim, that was one the cruise also, took these.  She had a nicer camera than I did and I stole these off her facebook page.  Thanks Kim!

That is my arm!  That is how close the "little guy" was!

                                Here are some of the fun friends we met.

Kelly and Leslie
Cecily, Laurel and Camille
Casey and I
Me and Michelle

Monday, March 7, 2011

Cruise to Cabo part 1 (you may never see part 2)

Recently I went on a cruise to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico!!  It was so much fun!  I went with my friend Camaree and two of her friends Kim and April.  (Now they are my friends too.)  We boarded the ship on Sunday February 20th.  That evening we set sail!  All day Monday the Ship was just cruising so we filled our time with various activities.  That night was formal night in the dining room.  So this is us dressed up.                                                                                                                                                    .
April, Me, Kim and Camee
Me and Camaree
This was our ship, The Carnival Spirit.
Tuesday morning when we woke up we were in Cabo!  We hadn't signed up for any on shore excursions so we decided to take the ferry over to Cabo and see what we could find.
This is what we saw from our balcony.  It is Lover's Beach.
We found some locals to take us whale watching!  It was probably one of the biggest highlights of the trip.  It was so awesome!  We were just on a little boat and we saw quite a few whales.
This was one of best pictures I got.
This is a video I took while whale watching.  Push play, you won't regret it. :)
After we saw this we were standing there watching for more when we heard a splash right next to us.  There was a little whale right by our boat!  It swam right underneath the nose and our little tour guide reached out and pet it!  I was so cool that is was that close to us.  I didn't get any pictures because I was so startled.  Kim did and when she sends them to me they will be on part 2......hopefully!
We also made sure that we stopped at Cabo Wabo.  It's a Van Halen song....... Sammy Hagar owns the bar.....anyway.  It was fun.  They had live music which was stuff like, Van Halen, Poison good classic music like that.  We ate nachos there and enjoyed the atmosphere.              
And of course took pictures.
The second day we were in Cabo we went to Lover's Beach and laid out.  I was responsible and put sun screen on so I did not get as tan on my trip as I was hoping for.  But the weather was perfect both days.  Not to hot, not to cold and nothing like the 9 inches of snow that we got the day after we got back from the trip.
Lover's Beach
After two days in Mexico we headed back to California.  So all day Thursday we were on the ship again.  We had a good time on the ship as well.  We attended seminars and shows, comedians, we went dancing and of course ate plenty.  We met a lot of fun people and made some good friends.  Friday morning we debarked and head back to Utah.  It was kind of bittersweet.  Now I just really want to go on another cruise!             
Nomer, that cleaned our room, left us towel animals.  This was my favorite.
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