Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Old Gang

So I got a call from my friend Jason the other night. He got married last summer and he wanted to get the old gang together for a party. So he told me that I could be in charge. That is a very Jason thing to do. I told him no and said he should put Laura in charge because she liked to do that sort of thing and was good at it. He told me that was a good idea and I thought it was taken care of. Well the day before the party Laura sent me a text telling me that she had just been invited to MY party. I told her it was Jason's party but then I got curious as to where Jason told Laura this party was. Sure enough he had told her it was at my house! So I called him. He said "Lisa, why would I have said let's have a party at my house? That is stupid." (I realize it would be a lot more funny if you actually knew Jason. He was the Gorilla in a former blog post if that helps. ) Anyway I got stubborn and told him I would not host it. So it was at Jason's house. We played a really funny game called Quelf. I am pretty sure that whoever came up with the game was on drugs but it was hilarious! Then we also played a little rock band. Here are a few pictures from that silly night. That is Jason in the wig. :)

Todd, Clint and Jason

Me, Laura, Celeste and Erin

Thursday, January 7, 2010

New Haircut!

Don't freak out..... Marvin! It will grow back. It always does. I had it cut today and I love it so far! This is probably the least amount of hair I have ever had. It feels weird. I cut off 10 inches and I am sending it to Locks of Love.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Christmas was really great! Christmas Eve we attended the Orderville Christmas Eve program. It is a tradition and always very good. My cousin's little girl was Mary. She sat up there very still and was so good. Later I found out she was actually falling asleep. Then we had the annual Hoyt Christmas Eve dinner at Grandma and Grandpa Hoyt's house. It is always fun for all of us to get together. There is always something that happens there to create good memories. This year it was that Aaron's chair broke. I only wish that I would have been in the room when it happened!
Back at my sister's house me and the kids get online and track Santa. The five year old was especially loving this. He asked me if I would come every Christmas so that we could track Santa. It really is fun to see all the places that Santa has already been and how close he is getting to us. I found myself a little disappointed when I was tracking him on my own after the kids were asleep and he had already passed Utah. He is a tricky man. I didn't even see him and I was still up. :)
My nephew came down to wake me up Christmas morning about 6:45 am. I was surprised they slept that long. My sister was so good to me. She gave me the Pioneer woman cookbook and some nice jewelery among other things. My Mom and step dad came to see what the kids had gotten from Santa. They brought a present for me from Santa that they had found on the porch. :) I got a printer for my laptop. I was excited about that. I also got an Ipod nano. Before you go thinking I am too spoiled, it is a hand me down. My brother got the new Ipod touch from his in-laws so naturally I asked if I could have his old one and he said yes. He is the spoiled one, I see an opportunity and I take it. We won't get into what else HE got for Christmas.

This is my nephew enjoying his Christmas present. Once he saw this he didn't care about any other presents. I loved the way he was sitting on it.
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