Sunday, March 7, 2010

No Thank you!

Ok, so I am really late writing this blog post and technically it is Sunday but whatever. This might be the last installment of Crazy Roommate stories because I am not sure I can think of anymore.
I've had some roommates that I have been really close to and we were really good friends while we were roommates. This girl was not one of them. I came home one day and she asked if I wanted to see her new bra and started to lift up her shirt. I quickly stopped her and told her no thank you. She kind of acted offended and said "Oh, well I showed it to *Milly." Um, I wouldn't have even wanted to see the bra of one of my close friends, let alone one that I didn't really even get a long with! What do people think!
*Name was changed to protect the innocent.


Julie said...

Friend! You have been busy. Thanks for all the great posts. We need to chat soon. Love all the room mate posts. Makes me think of some of mine. What a good laugh. Love ya.

Liberty Williams said...

Some people are just comfortable with showing off their body. But, I agree I don't want to see some peoples. ICK! I love how "names" have been changed to protect privacy. ;)

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