Friday, December 11, 2009

The Christmas Spirit

This is the mormon message from the Church website! It is so good so click on the link and watch it!
The Christmas Spirit

Friday, December 4, 2009

The Good and Bad of Thanksgiving.

The overall weekend was fun. But I have to vent. I basically got sat at the kid table because guess what? I am not married! Yes, but guess what? I am almost 30! I don't know what 30 year old would enjoy sitting with two seventeen year olds and a nine year old. There were three people at the "grown up" table younger than me but they have said "I do". I mean no offense to anyone who might be reading this blog but it was the low point of my Thanksgiving. I have been becoming more aware of the way single people get treated sometimes. I don't think that the people who do it realize how ridiculous it is. It is almost like it is just tradition that gets passed down. Here's an example: Every time my brother and I both go stay at my sister's house he thinks that him and his wife get the bed. I would understand if that just left the couch but there is an air mattress and another bedroom. So why do I always have to sleep on the air mattress? You guessed it, because I am single. Honestly, I am getting kind of tired of being treated like there is something wrong with me. I'm single, not contagious. So I don't have another person that comes along with me. What's the big deal? Yes, I want to get married but I am not crying myself to sleep. I am making the most of my single life and I am really enjoying myself.

The Good part of Thanksgiving out weighed the bad. For those of you that don't know Thanksgiving in Orderville is awesome! (Well if you like volleyball and basketball) We have an alumni tournament. You are eligible it you graduated from Valley High or married someone who did. Guys play basketball, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Girls play volleyball Friday and Saturday morning. My team won consolation. I actually like the basketball part better. I was the scorekeeper when I was in high school and I do it for the alumni tournament. I guess I am the alumni scorekeeper. :) I did the book for all but two of the games this year. I love every minute of it! My brother kept the score clock a lot of the games and it was fun to spend the time with him. They even do a top ten and an MVP. It is a big deal! The whole tournament is for a good cause. They give scholarships to the high school seniors.

So the weekend as a whole was a lot of fun even though I vented at first.
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