Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Quiet Game

The first time I went to Alaska, I saw both of my brothers. They don't live anywhere near each other. So I flew to Anchorage first and stayed in Wasilla for a several days and then flew down to Ketchikan and stayed for several days. When my brother that lives in Wasilla was taking me to the airport his kids decided to play the quiet game. They all stayed quiet for a few minutes and the my niece, who was probably three at the time shouted "I won!" Her brother of course argued and told her that she actually lost but she didn't understand that and just kept saying "uh huh, I won!" It made me laugh. Then I got down to my other brother's house and his two boys decided to play the quiet game. They were not two seconds into the game and the three year old shouted "I losed!" You can tell he understood the game and he wasn't interested in playing.


Tonia said...

I try to get my kids to play the quiet game and they suck at it!

Liberty Williams said...

Kids are so cute and say the funniest stuff. I love the bra comment! I wish that were true - I hate wearing a bra, but then I hate the way I look when I don't wear a bra??? Cute, cute!

Natalie said...

Funny stuff! I think you have more crazy roommate stories to tell, but they are of those girls who you are still friends with and that read your blog! :) You know the whole, "I'm not depressed, it's just that I'm only happy when I'm sleeping." bit- Sorry *Pearl! (*name has been changed) LOL!!! Or the crazy roommate who lived with you for 6 months that you didn't like and then a year later had to become your roommate again for a year and then six months later became your roommate again! (Luckily you did learn to love her- right?) And that roommate who always went to work at 5:30 in the morning who would always kick the door stop and wake everybody up by saying "Sorry!" Good times!!!!!

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