Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ellie Roselle

After 8 1/2 years my family was finally able to produce another girl! She is only the 3rd one out of 10 nieces and nephews! So as you can tell I am a pretty proud aunt! You don't have to think she is cute, she is a newborn but I think she will be cute eventually. Don't tell my brother I said that! Her middle name is after my sister-in-laws 97 year old great Grandma. They were planning on giving her that middle name the whole time and then by coincidence she was born on Roselle's birthday which I thought was very neat.

She was born last night (aug 26) at 8pm and this is her at 10pm. Pretty alert for a new one. She was only 5lbs 15 oz and 19 inches long. She is a tiny little thing.

My only other two nieces are 15 and 8 and live in Alaska so you can imagine how exciting it is for me to finally have another girl to spoil. I told her last night that I was her favorite aunt and already started working on her to say my name! :)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I went to Lake Powell on Monday with my Uncle Jim and Aunt Jann's family. We had so much fun! I was trying to think of the last time I was there and I can't remember a time since I graduated from high school (Which was longer than I would like to admit).

Just being there and playing in the water like this was enough for me to realize how much I had missed this and wonder why I have gone so long without going there. I think I would have been content to play all day just off the shore and then lay out and get tan but we had two boats and that is when the fun began!

I love this picture just because that is a typical pose for my Uncle Jim to be in.
Carson is getting the boat ready for us to go out.

This is Owen, Cassidy (their cousin on their Mom's side) and Marv. They were making me laugh so hard when they were riding the tubes. They were being funny and crazy! They were taking turns jumping from one tube to the other.
This was hilarious! Owen's was about to flip out of his tube and so he hurried and jumped on to the other one. The rode all three together until they could catch the other one and then Owen jumped back on to it.

This video is pretty funny! I had a hard time holding it very still since we were on a boat.

I got burned! It was my own fault. I only put sunscreen on my face once. I wanted to come back from the lake with a good tan. It is already starting to darken up. It has been a little sensitive but I am excited about the color I now have. I know that is bad and you are supposed to always wear sunscreen but I haven't really even been tan yet this summer and I really wanted to be.
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