Saturday, January 29, 2011

Jazz Game and Ellie

A couple weekends ago I went to Salt Lake.  I had never been to a Jazz game and had been saying I wanted to.  My brother told me to come for one but what he really wanted was a haircut.  He then enticed me further telling me that his daughter could say my name.  I couldn't resist.  So Friday night the 14th my friend Natalie, my brother and some of his other friends went to the game.  Our seats were BAD.  No lie we were on the very top row.  It was still fun though. The Jazz were playing the Cavaliers.  The half time score was 70 to 50 in favor of the Jazz.  In the 3rd quarter it was a 9 point game at one point but then in the end the Jazz beat them pretty bad. The final score was 121 to 90.  The play of the game I thought was in the second quarter when there was consecutive around the back passes by two guys and then Ronnie Price hit a lay up.  Not to long after CJ Miles dunked it. 

This kind of shows how far away we were! :)

Natalie and I
The best part of my weekend was playing with my cute niece of course.  She is getting so big.  The first video is her saying my name.  The second one is of her singing the Elmo song.  You only need to watch the first 10 seconds of the second one.  The third one is her dancing.  She is cute!!!!

Isn't she darling!!!
That weekend I also went to brunch with my friend Julie.  It was good to catch up with her.  Saturday night I went to my friend Amy's birthday party.  I am friends with her whole family and they were all there except the youngest brother.  It was so good to see them all.  I had such a good time.  It was a really great weekend. 

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas 2010

You can tell she was really excited.
This year for Christmas I went to my Brother Lyle's house.  Christmas Eve we were going to go to Orderville for my Grandma's annual Christmas Eve party but the mountain road was closed because of getting a lot of snow.  So we didn't make the trip.  Instead we went and looked at Christmas lights and then Andrea (my sister-in-law) played the piano for me so that I could play some Christmas songs on my violin.  Then the kids opened one present.  They begged and begged their parents to let them get up at 6 am.  My Brother told them 6:30 am.  Surprisingly they had to be woke up at 7. 

The two older boys got air soft guns which they spent all day outside using.  And Marshal's favorite gift....a pillow pet.  He walked around all day saying, "It's a pillow, it's a pet, it's a pillow-pet."  I asked him where he heard that and he said, "From the comarshal."   That's right he thinks commercials are comarshals.  He also got a game.  When he opened it he said to his Mom and Dad, "Oh!  This is the game that was under your bed and you wrapped it and gave it to me!"  He said it very innocently like he had no idea he had done anything wrong by snooping.  It was pretty funny.
I got money.  Which my brother thought would be funny to give me in all 1's and 2 dollar bills.  It is a very Lyle thing to do.  He told me it was to buy new haircutting scissors with.  Which I do need.   
Later we had Frogmore Stew for Christmas dinner.  It is a meal that my brother learned on his mission in South Carolina.  It doesn't have frogs in it and it really isn't stew but despite the name it is really good.  I made a delicious cheesecake for dessert.  
 Well it wasn't a white Christmas but it was pretty foggy and it almost looked like one.
This other picture came from main street a couple nights before Christmas.  I thought it looked really cool with the fog.
It was a good Christmas.  It is hard to believe it is over.  New years was fun.  I didn't take any pictures but me and my friend Libby went to dinner and watched a movie.  Then we went over to some other friends house for a little party.  I guess I am getting old but we came home shortly after midnight and I didn't stay up too much longer.  Anyway, Happy New Year everyone!!
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