Saturday, March 13, 2010

Oh the things kids say!

Since I can't think of anymore Crazy Roommate Stories I decided maybe I could write about some funny things my Nieces and Nephews have said. I have three nieces and seven nephews and I have heard a lot of funny things from them. I have already told a few from one of my nephews.

The first story comes from one of my nieces when she was five. I was up in Alaska babysitting them and I was doing my laundry. She saw my bra and here was the exchange:

Kennedie: "Whose bra is that?"

Me: "Mine."

Kennedie: "You wear a BRA and you are not even married?!!!"

She was very appalled. I found it so funny because she acted so disgusted to find that out.

This next story is from the same niece but an earlier trip to Alaska. She was probably three at the time. We were looking at some old photo's and she saw her older sister wearing one of the outfits that she currently used.

Kennedie: "That is mine and Kenzie stole it from me!!"

Her Mom: "No honey, you weren't even born yet."

Kennedie: "Uh huh and Kenzie stole it!"

She just couldn't understand that it was a hand me down, and she was very upset. I love my nieces and nephews!

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Kori said...

I love your nieces and nephews too! I wish we had the opportunity to see the Alaska ones more.

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