Sunday, April 25, 2010

That's English, Right?

I thought of another nephew story that has always cracked me up. I love when little kids are just learning to talk. I love when they don't quite get thing right. Like when they says something like, "Her said her would." Well my nephew took it to the next level with this one. We all know that when you put would not together you get wouldn't and when you put have not together you get haven't, right? Well when Danny and Bret were younger they decided to go outside together. Bret was the little brother so I told Danny, "Don't let Bret fall off the porch." He said, " I willn't." I was a little confused at first thinking he had said,"I will" But then I realized that he meant "I won't" If you think about it, his way makes more sense.

This is a recent picture of the two.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Only in Utah

With the recent celebration of my birthday, it brought to mind last year, middle of March. I just turned 30 so you all know that last year I would have turn 29. Are you still with me? I was sitting in Relief Society, in my singles ward, when the RS president asked if there were any March birthday's. I wasn't going to raise my hand because I don't care if they know it is my birthday. Especially since most of them were a good 7 to 10 years younger than me. My friends threw me under the bus. Luckily nobody asked my age. But then just amongst my little group one of my friends whispered "And she will be 25." I replied with "Only 24, Thank you!" Obviously we were joking. The girl (20 year old) sitting next to me did not catch the sarcasm. She leaned over and patted me on the leg and said "It's okay, 24 really isn't that old, only in Utah." I couldn't decide if I wanted to shock her with the truth or just drop it. I just looked at her and smiled and said "Thanks." My friends and I had a pretty good laugh about it the rest of Relief Society. To her credit, at least she didn't think I looked over 24 right?

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Pinewood Derby!

Wednesday we had a Pinewood Derby for our ward activity. I borrowed my cousin's nine year old's derby car. He had won all his races with it and was a little reluctant to hand it over to me. I told him that if I won a trophy I would give it to him. That won him over.
We had a pretty good turn out at the derby. There were probably 10 people that brought cars. We had the scale to weigh them and everything. Mine was .2 ounces overweight and there was a little bit of whining from some of the boys about that. There was another girl whose weighed the same as mine. I did feel a little bad about the weight of mine when it kept winning. It came down to me, the girl whose weighed the same as mine and one other guy. To make the last race fair we let him add .2 ounces to his. Mine was still the very clear winner. That's right I won first place at the Pinewood Derby!!
I took the car back to it's owner and handed over the trophy. He was soooo excited! He wanted all the details about how far his car won all it's races by. I think he had decided he was happy he had let me borrow it. I was happy I didn't have to take the time to build my own and I still did that good! :)
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