Saturday, February 4, 2012

Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years 2011

Jeff and Erica flew out from Connecticut for Thanksgiving this year.  It was so good to see them!  It was actually the first time we were seeing new baby Adam.  Jeff, Erica and I had dinner with Suzie's family.  It was a great little dinner.  Lyle and Andrea's family came the next day.
Everyone IS Thankful for her!!

Ellie loves her new brother
 Following tradition I spent a lot of time watching the Turkey Tournament basketball games.  Lyle did the book for me one of the games so I didn't have too.
Jeff at the clock and Lyle at the book.
Owen at the sidelines.
Family team at a time out
The family team played for the championship but was not able to win. Better luck next year.

Little Adam was blessed on the Sunday after Thanksgiving.  Owen blessed his baby Luke that night too so we had a big, fun family get together.  We missed my Mom being there and she was a little homesick to be with her kids that day too.  We of course missed Scot's family too.

Such a handsome little guy
It has been a tradition for a few years now to look at the Santa Tracker on Christmas Eve.  My nephews love it.  Well wouldn't you know it there is an app for that.  I happened to be looking right when Santa was in Cedar City, which I thought was cool.  Luckily the kids were in bed so Santa could come.  
Christmas morning was pretty fun at this house.  
When Shelayne saw that stroller, she let out a squeal and tried to push her brothers out of the way.
Santa found these boys for sure
I think they were all happy about their presents
Anyone that knows my brother knows he likes to tease.  I opened my present from his family an it was this:
A SIGNED copy of his latest research paper.  Tucked inside was a 25 dollar american express card.  He is a dork.
Later we drove over to Orderville.  The boys were tired after getting up so early.  My Grandma had a potluck dinner that night so we got to hang out with a lot of my cousins.  It was fun.  We stayed the night at Suzie's.  

Jeff and Erica didn't come out.  Erica's family went to the Dominican Republic on Christmas day.  Jeff sent this picture of Ellie walking through the airport.  She is so darling.

New Years
I'm not sure if this picture was really new years eve but I thought it was cute.  
She loves her Daddy!
We ate a lot of good food and played Yahtzee until it struck midnight.  It was fun.
Towards the end the kids were getting a little tired.
Almost time.
Marshal (6) is a little obsessed with calendars.  It was 12:04 am when he said "We need a new calendar."  It was pretty funny.
The holidays were fun but it is kind of nice to get them over with and get back to normal life.  
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