Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Stuff

I haven't really had anything to blog about lately so I haven't updated in awhile.  Here it is December 23rd and I hadn't even but up a Christmas background or put on my Christmas music.  Anyway I decided I would take a picture of my cute little living room.  Since our tree is so small it turned out nice to put it on the coffee table.
This is a cookie recipe I decided to try this year.  They were kind of a lot of work but I thought they turned out cute.  They were pretty good too.
And this is a scarf that I saw and decided that I could probably crochet it.  I found a pattern and I have now made four of them for gifts. 
It has been kind of a weird Christmas season with my Mom gone but I have loved having my brother's family here.  I told my nephew Marshal that I would sleep at his house for Christmas.  So he has been counting down.  He told me yesterday that there was two more days until I sleep over and three more days until Christmas.  I love that me sleeping over is exciting enough for him to count down.

Friday, December 3, 2010

My Cousin Won!

My cousin won and will be getting free lasik eye surgery.  Congratulations Ryan!!  And if there were any of you that voted for him from reading my blog I say thank you and I am sure he does too.
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