Thursday, September 20, 2012

Hanging with Celebrities?

Jeff, Erica and the kids came out to Salt Lake from Connecticut for Erica's Great Grandma's 100th birthday at the end of August.  They didn't have very much time so my Mom, Lyle, Suzie, Shelayne and I drove up Friday August 24th to spend the afternoon with them.  On our way up there Jeff texted to ask where we were.  We decided to tease him and we just told him a mile marker.  He wrote back with "Oh so Fillmore area?"  And yes, that is where we were.  I am pretty sure the only people who would know that is truckers and Jeff.  The night before our trip NBC aired a special Rock Center about Mormons.  Jeff's father-in-law had been one of the people that they had interviewed.  We had know it was on but hadn't been able to watch it but my Mom had recorded it.  Here is how the next bit of me and Jeff's text messages went.
Jeff:  "Are you all nervous to be meeting celebrities today?"
Me: "What celebrities?"
Jeff: "Um..Me, Erica and Ellie.  We were all on national television last night on NBC."
Me: "We didn't watch it but Mom recorded it.  What roll did you play?"
Jeff: "There was a family pic from Daniel's wedding on the screen for like 5 seconds."
Me: "Well we are not just meeting you.  We have already met you."
Jeff: "I know but it's only last night that I became a celebrity.  And it's gone straight to my head."
Me: "Are you buying lunch then?"
Jeff: "I didn't say I had cashed in on my celebrity, so no.  I just meant that I'm probably going to be insufferable."
Me: "We are turning around and going home."
Jeff: "You can't do that to me!!!  I'm Jeff Goulding!! I have a minuscule amount of tangential fame!!  You will come and you will eat lunch with me and my famous family!!
Me: "Well I hope we don't have to cut our visit short."
Jeff: "Your visit will last as long as I want it to."
Me: "Well here is something you can't control.....we are going to eat all of your honey candy (my sister had made for him) before we get there."
Jeff: "How dare you!  You can't do that to me and my tiny amount of fame.  It will be in no tabloids and no one will really care!"
Needless to say we were all laughing pretty hard.  He is such a dork.  A funny one though.  
So here are some pictures from the trip.
Shelayne cheesing it for the camera.
Ellie wouldn't let me get a good picture so I had to surprise her.
Adam wouldn't smile.  But he was letting Lyle hold him without crying.  None of the rest of us had been able to do that.
These two had a lot of fun together
This was Ellie when we were about to leave.  I think she was sad that we were.  It was too short of a visit.
This was the final shot of Adam before we left.  He is a sweet little guy.


Michelle said...

O how I love Jeff!! That text conversation reminded me of notes we would right each other in seminary when we were bored. Do you know if there is anyway to watch the show online. I would love to see the celebrity in action!

Erin said...

I'm glad the girls got along! I love the contrast in their looks :)

Lisa said...

I think you can look it up online at NBC. It was Rock Center and I think it was called Mormon's in America.

Kori said...

How fun! Jeff is such a ham. I missed his miniscule amount of fame and have to say I am very disappointed. I'm sure they looked fabulous! We miss you tons and hope you can come to Orderville for Halloween because we will be there.

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