Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Please Help My Cousin

My cousin posted this on our family website and in hopes of helping him out I decided to post it on here so that maybe some of you would vote for him too!!  I watched the video and it is the cutest thing ever.  It is his daughter Sophie narrating and his other daughter Emma that drew the pictures.

Greetings Family!
So I know that most of you (if not all) have been informed about the Hoopes Vision Lasik Contest that we're a finalist in. The support that has been shown our family has been overwhelming. I know a lot of you have posted about it in facebook, on blogs, and even emailed your friends. I'm just writing to say thank you! We appreciate it so much! I have been blessed with such a loving and supportive family.

If you haven't heard.... Last month Rachel entered me in a contest for free lasik from Hoopes Vision. There were over 100 entries and we found out today that I am 1 of 6 FINALISTs!! Whoot Whoot! The winner gets free lasik valued at $5,000.00 so we really want to win. So anyways, it would be great if you could go vote for us.

Here's the details.

    * Go to (our video is in the Humorous Category and it shows a crayon picture of me in my blue striped pajamas... Emma drew it:)

    * To Vote you go to the blue and white banner at the top of the page that says, "Vote for your Favorite Finalist"

    * You have to vote for one video in each category (I just picked random videos in the other two categories, they don't compete against us so it doesn't matter)
    * Our video is under the humorous category and it's called My Dad's Eyes!
    * You can vote once a day (That would be awesome if you could do this, but even one or two votes would be great!)
    * Contest closes November 28th at midnight

Rachel's brother also started a   blog - . He started this blog to help encourage people come get a   "good read" and then do a "good deed" (by voting for my video).

Again, thank you everyone for voting! (remember you can vote everyday!)



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SAM and RACHEL said...

hey Lisa...this took some work to track down a way to contact you. I had to go through Sarah Kubie's blog to find this. anyhow...
today i stopped by to make an appointment to get a hair cut (cause of course the number i looked up didn't work) and discovered that it is no longer open but now i need to know where you work to still get a hair cut from you....if that's probably dont even remember me, but you've never screwed my hair up yet and i'm ready to chop it again!
you can either just leave a comment on my blog or call/text where you work now. 559-1286 thanks!
-Rachel Miller

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