Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Beautiful Day in Zion

My Brother Lyle and his wife Andrea decided to take their kids to Zion while they had a couple days off for UEA.  They invited me to come along since they went on my day off.  It was a perfect day for hiking.

We hiked to the upper Emerald Pools.  It was really cool up there but it felt nice after the hike.
When I was in sixth grade we went there for a field trip.  Back then they used to let you swim in the pool but they won't let you do that anymore.  I doubt I would want to now.  That water is COLD!  After that  hike we ate lunch at the lodge. 

Then we decided to hike Weeping Rock.  This was the boys playing while we took a short break for the baby to be fed.
Marshal, Bret and Danny

I love Weeping Rock!  It is a really short hike and so beautiful.  It is amazing to me that it drips down water all the time.  As it turns out it was actually raining too. 
Then we decided to go watch the 3-D movie at the IMAX.  It was about prehistoric water creatures.  It was a fun one to see in 3-D. 
We left that morning around 9 am.  When they were dropping me off about 6 pm Marshal (my five year old nephew) said, "But you haven't been to our house today."  I said, " But I have been with you all day."  He said, "Yeah, but not at our house."  I am glad the little guy likes me because I am enjoying having them around.


Lib-Dawg...Woof, Woof!!! said...

Those are such great pictures, good job on the photography!!! Sounds like it was a fun day trip in Zion.

Auntie Cheree said...

Love the pics. Zion is a beautiful place and of course, I like seeing photos of those boys:)

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