Sunday, November 7, 2010

Fun Halloween pictures!

I don't dress up for Halloween very often, but this year I was invited to a party and I found a creative idea online so I decided to make it.
I'm a box of tissue.  That Rubix cube is my friend Libby.
The party was at my friend Laura's house and she had some fun minute to win it games prepared.  We had a good time.  Here are some of the other people at the party.
Kacee was a bunch of grapes and Kyle was a hell's angel
I don't know the first guy very well but the "Slim Jim" is my friend Jason.  He is so funny!  (He has been featured on this blog before)  It just seemed like a perfect costume for him.
Then of course I couldn't leave out pictures of some of my cute nieces and nephews.
You can hardly see Bret, he was a ninja.  Marshal was a soccer player and Danny a skeleton.
I guess my Brother and his wife went to a party Friday and Saturday so they dressed Ellie up in two different costumes.  She looks adorable in both.
She is kind of pulling a funny face but this was the best picture of her sleeping beauty dress.


Lib-Dawg...Woof, Woof!!! said...

I thought you and I were so creative...then people started to show up! I thought our costumes were the best though!!!! (P.S. I take it you are home from SLC?)

Anonymous said...

Yours and Libby's costumes are the cutest. It's fun to see the other people in their costumes. I didn't even see Bret at first, so he WAS a good Ninja! That little Ellie girl is such a cutie pie. Thanx for posting all the pics :)

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