Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Hair...Now!

So my friend Greg came into the salon the other day. He was in my ward last year and I haven't seen him at all this year. He was always very clean cut so I didn't actually recognize him. He told me that he wanted me to cut his hair into a mullet and give him steps! Now normally I would be completely against this but Greg was doing it just to be funny and was only keeping it for finals week. I have to tell you though that in my ten years of doing hair, these were the first steps I have ever cut. I hope it doesn't become a trend again!

This next client is probably one of the clients I have the most fun working on because she lets me do crazy things to her hair and she always loves it. She had blond in her hair before this so it made the red really VIBRANT!

The purple piece was actually supposed to be blond but when I rinsed it out the mixture of the black (purple based) and the red made it a dark purple which she LOVED! Gotta love clients that don't think you can do anything wrong!

Her hair is always so much fun. She always tells me over and over how much she loves it before she leaves which always make me feel good.

I loved the way the back was laying. She has really thick hair so I do a lot of razoring. I don't know if you can tell, but she has an asymmetrical haircut. The right side is a lot longer. Not everyone can pull this drastic of one off but she does it great.

I had fun this week doing some new things to a couple people. Although I don't hope to replicate the first one on anybody else!


Liberty Williams said...

That guy looks familiar??? Why would he want to do a mullet. Ick! Love the girls hair...wish I was brave enough to do some drastic stuff to my hair. So cute!!!!

D.Suth. said...

fun to see your work

Kori said...

Love the mullet. It's nice to see your clients keep you on your toes. I love the black and purple!!!!! I wish I could do that to my hair.

Big Mama said...

Very cool hair! I miss my salon days! Good Job! Those ones were always fun!

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