Sunday, April 25, 2010

That's English, Right?

I thought of another nephew story that has always cracked me up. I love when little kids are just learning to talk. I love when they don't quite get thing right. Like when they says something like, "Her said her would." Well my nephew took it to the next level with this one. We all know that when you put would not together you get wouldn't and when you put have not together you get haven't, right? Well when Danny and Bret were younger they decided to go outside together. Bret was the little brother so I told Danny, "Don't let Bret fall off the porch." He said, " I willn't." I was a little confused at first thinking he had said,"I will" But then I realized that he meant "I won't" If you think about it, his way makes more sense.

This is a recent picture of the two.

1 comment:

Kori said...

So cute. Isn't the English language just one big exception after another.

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