Sunday, May 9, 2010

Oh Happy Day!

The picture is just to get your attention and because I think it is cute! This post has nothing to do with her.
Last night I was cleaning out some stuff because I am getting ready to move. I decided I was going to throw out some Ensigns even though for some reason it feels wrong. But I don't want to pack them and you can get it all online. There is my justification. Anyway I decided I would keep the conference editions so I was sorting through them. Well tucked between two of the Ensigns was a rainy day fund I had forgot all about. It was $100.00!!! It made my day! I guess it pays to read the Ensign! :) I am really glad I didn't just pick the stack up and throw them all out!


Liberty Williams said...

She is so cute!!!! NO WAY!!!! Are you serious that you found a hundred dollars - LUCKY! So, I feel the same way about my Ensigns...I just went through mine to give to DI and kept the conference ones...great minds think alike. :)

Big Mama said...

You lucky girl! Makes me wonder if I have a secret stash I don't know about yet!!

Natalie said...

Close call! Glad you found it.

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