Thursday, May 28, 2009

Best Memorial Day Ever!

I didn't really have plans for Memorial Day weekend. I told someone I just might spend the entire day in bed reading and/or watching movies. You know a nice relaxing day. Well Sunday I came down with some of the worst allergies I've had in a really long time. I left church after sacrament and went directly to bed. I didn't really get up until Monday afternoon. I even tried to read and my eyes would not stay open. So my wish of staying in bed came true, it just wasn't quite as I had imagined. The nice thing about over the counter allergy medicines is they take about three days to kick in. I wish I would have known about the allergies last Thursday! Tuesday evening I finally started to feel like I was coming down off of my drug induced coma. Sorry clients I had on Tuesday!! All is good now. I feel much better!


Natalie said...

Well that's not fun!! Sorry you weren't feeling so well- I hate allergies!!! Glad you're better.

The Bonham Family said...

Sorry about the allergies. Yuckkk! I get them like that too sometimes but I haven't had them here in Mesquite. It is awesome.

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