Saturday, June 13, 2009

I've got some time!

Here is a follow up on a previous story. If you haven't already, read "I guess I better hurry" before you read this one.

I asked my nephew the other day just how much time I had to get married before I was kicked out of the family. I was curious. He told me that I had fourteen thousand months. That made me feel better because I was afraid the divorce from my family might be happening sooner than that. So I told him that I could probably find someone to marry in that amount of time. Then he changed his mind and told me I had fourteen thousand years. He then said "You should be able to find someone to marry by then." Then he kind of mumbled " You should be married by now!"


Erin H. said...

Ha! Gives a whole new meaning to "kids say the darndest things!"

Natalie said...

Glad that even though he thinks you have already had plenty of time to get married, that he loves you enough to give you more time- a lot more time! PHEWWW~ that was a close one!

Bev said...

I love you

Anonymous said...

I like you whether you are married or not. You're an awesome person.

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