Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Couch Burning

So one of my friends called me the other night and said "How would you like to see what a couch looks like when it is on fire?" I said "I would love too!" I'm not going to lie though it was not my first time. I attended a bonfire once when there was three couches burned! I might have a little bit of redneck in me! I guess that is up for debate, especially after this post combined with the last one.


Kori said...

I think we all have a lil' redneck in us. I'm glad to see you are just normal. I have to admit I've never seen a couch on fire and am intrigued at seeing one in person.

The Bonham Family said...

hey, i looked at your blog. What kind of person watches a couch burn! I wouldn't be caught dead looking at something like that:) Ha ha

Lane and Katie Eyre said...

Oh the good 'ol days! I loved the bonfires!!

It looks like you are having fun!

Kel said...

I miss the bonfires of my days in Cedar as well. I always love a good fire!

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