Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My Favorite Picture of All Time

This picture is of me and my Dad.  I don't have a date for it but I assume I was three or four. I post it today because today is the day he died thirteen years ago.  I'm not looking for sympathy I mostly just wanted a reason to post the picture because I have been wanting to make sure I preserved it.   The first time I ever laid eyes on this picture was the night before my Dad's funeral.   My Aunt and Uncle found it in their collection right after my Dad's passing and made a copy for me and my Mom and brought them to us.  It has become quite famous in my family.  My Grandparents wanted a copy and I think most of my siblings got one too.  It has hung on my bedroom wall ever since.  My niece was about that age at the time of my Dad's death and she looked a lot like me.  We displayed it at the funeral and people kept saying what a cute picture of my Dad with his Granddaughter.  I corrected them, don't worry.  I mean looked at those awesome sunglasses in my hand! Those were so 1983 not 1998.  :)
I love the emotion you can see in his face.  It makes me feel very loved.  I've always thought that I must have been thinking, "Yes, I have him wrapped around my finger."  I think about him a lot and especially this time of year.  He is a good man and I miss him everyday.


Bridget said...

I love this picture too Lisa. And I remember debating on who it was :) Love you!!!!!

Kori said...

Love it! Great pic! I think a lot about him and the day of his passing. You're dad was a great man and I miss him too! It is nice to remember him! Love you!

Bev said...

that picture is so beautiful. You are the cutest baby in the world. Looking at it makes my heart hurt. Love you and thinking of you!

Auntie Cheree said...

I, too, have been thinking about the 13 year anniversary and that is one of my favorite photos. It shows what a softie your Dad really was.

Berty Bell said...

What a great picture your Aunt and Uncle found! Definitely a picture that needs to be preserved.

P.S. The halloween costumes you have had through the years are very clever...especially this years. I might have to steal that one if I ever celebrate the holiday again. ;)

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