Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween Present and Past

Recently I came across some old Halloween pictures.  So I decided to keep them close by and add them to this post.  I had to scan some of them in so the quality of those particular ones is not great. But get excited because there are some great pictures ahead! ;)
This is the girls at the salon this year.  Megan was a hippie, Becky is a pirate, and then you see me and I know you are thinking "She didn't dress up!" Oh but I did.  My sign says "Shirt....$20.00, Jeans.... $40.00, Halloween costume with minimal effort.....Priceless!"  That's right, I was a MasterCard Ad.  Crysta was Little Red Riding Hood, MaLynda was a slutty Eskimo (although not very slutty), Ashlee was a cat and Krista was a nerd.  We also had a potluck that day.  There was a lot of good food and we had a fun day.
This is little Adam.  He is the newest member of my family.  He was born October 1st.  It was in Connecticut though so I haven't been able to hold him yet.  He is a cute little cow.  
This is my cute little Ellie fairy.  She is adorable!
Here is Erica, Jeff and Adam.  Jeff sent me this picture with the caption "Blame it all on my roots".  It made me laugh because if you know Jeff he hates country music and everything that goes with it.
Here are the ones that actually live by me.  Marshal was a basketball player, Bret a robber, Danny a football player and Shelayne was a cute little spider who smiles after you take the picture. 

This is Danny in 2000.  He was the same one that was the football player in the picture above.  He is pretty cute both times.
This is McKenzie and Wyat also in 2000.  They are now 17 and 14.  I can't believe how fast time goes!
Here are the girls of Salon Divo.  No we didn't really dress like that in 2000, it was Halloween and we decided to be eighties girls.  There is Bree, Kacie, Dayna, Me, Tanny, Liz and Jamie.
And in case you needed a closer look at me with my awesome eighties you go.
Here is Danny in 2001.  You can't tell at all that his Dad is a sports fan can you?
Here is Wyat and McKenzie in 2001.  Wyat was a bear in case you can't tell.
Here I am in 2003.  I had just gotten back from Hawaii and had purchased that outfit.  I was super tan so I pretended I was Hawaiian.  I had a picture of all the girls at the salon but the picture wasn't digital and it turned out terrible.  

The next four pictures are from 2008.  I realize there is a large gap but I probably didn't dress up and if I did, I didn't find those pictures. 
This is Kristy as a white trash beauty queen and Kyle as a homeless man.  His sign says "Needs Rich Woman  (Preferably a HOT one).  M-Jay is the creepy cowboy in the background.  It was pretty funny because Kyle didn't even recognize him. 
Erin was gum on the bottom of a shoe, Laura was a bubble bath and I was a magic 8 ball.  My necklace was triangle shaped pieces of paper that had magic 8 ball responses. 
We had a few doughnut on a string.  Jason obviously wasn't very good. 
This is Todd, Mike and Clint.  They weren't really dressed up but the picture made me laugh.
Here is Erin and Kyle in 2009.  They didn't really dress up but some other girls came over as very modest playboy bunnies and Erin and Kyle decided to steal their accessories for a picture.  
I didn't dress up either in 2009 but Ellie did!  She was only about 2 months old in this picture.
I am not missing last year in case you are wondering.  I blogged about it back then so check my older posts if you want to see my awesome "box of Kleenex" costume.  :)


Kori said...

Love the Halloween through the ages post. Also, thanks for the pic of Adam I haven't seen him yet! Btw- love the 80's do! You would have made a great 80's girl!

Anonymous said...

I love this post. It is so fun to see the pictures, past and present. You have some great ones. What good memories! Love you!

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