Saturday, February 6, 2010

Crazy Roommate Story Saturdays

So I was telling someone one of the many crazy stories I have about past roommates and I got a great idea to start adding them to my blog. I can probably fill up several months of Saturdays with these stories. I have had ALOT of roommates! Don't get me wrong, I have had a lot of good roommates but I have had some crazy ones too!
The first story I will tell you is about a roommate I had when I was in beauty school. She was majoring in drama I think. I came home one day to find her reading a script in the mirror. She didn't care that I was there, she kept reading. I went in my room and remember hearing her yelling, "Your Mother never loved you!" Wow, was all I could think! Then one day I woke up to a very fake cry coming from her room. While I was deciding whether to go check on her she walked past my bedroom still fake crying. She went to the phone (yes it was the days before everyone having their own cell phones) and called someone. I hear "Is Matt there?" in a normal voice. "Matt" gets on the phone and she says "Oh Matt, I had the worst nightmare!" I couldn't help but think, "Poor Matt. Whoever he was."


Natalie said...

Funny stuff! I look forward to hearing more crazy roommate stories- I just hope I never show up in one! :)

Liberty Williams said...

You've had a lot of roomies...I'm excited to hear more interesting stories!

Anonymous said...

I like the picture you chose to go with your crazy roommate story. It's so fitting. By the way, does the title, "Crazy Roommate Stories" refer to the crazy roommate or the crazy story? Just wondering.

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