Monday, May 28, 2012

I'm glad I came back sane!

On March 29th me and my friend MaLynda left for New York to babysit for my brother and his sister-in-law. I wasn't sure I was up for the task but it is hard to pass up a free trip.
Jeff couldn't make it to the airport to get us so we took the air train and the subway to meet him. I was pretty proud we made it to him without any trouble.
MaLynda had never been to New York so she had told Jeff some of things she wanted to see. We had a little bit of time that evening when we got there so we went and had some good New York pizza and then went and walked halfway across the Brooklyn bridge. That is actually something I had never done before either so it was kind of cool.
Then we drove to New Canaan.
My brother's in-laws all went to Rome. They left on the 30th. MaLynda and I were left with my niece Ellie who is two and her two boy cousins, Eli (2) and Samuel (4).
At this risk of sounding dramatic this trip was kind of life changing. There was a few things that made this job hard. Number one is that we had two two year olds. Number two that the house was so ginormous that it was hard to keep track of the kids. Number three that two of the kids I didn't even know (poor MaLynda didn't really know my niece either). About four days in I got a cold. Poor MaLynda again. Let me tell you how great walking the sixty something stairs in that house is when you are sick. My mom came home from her mission while I was out there and I missed it. Since she came home my brother moved out of her house and I didn't even know where to. The guy I had sort of been dating ended things with me while I was out there and I started a new job. I know the fact that I started a new job sounds funny but I am now a reservationist for the Zion Ponderosa and I just take calls from home. All of that happened while I was on my trip and I really kind of felt like I came home and had to get use to a whole new normal. Not to mention the fact that I was now questioning whether or not I ever want kids. I love my niece and even now care for those other two. But it was hard. Ellie had several great two year old tantrums. I will say though that they never fought us on bed time and nap time and I now know why parents love those times.
I felt really bad for MaLynda too. I felt like I brought her out with me so I could dump the kids on her, between me being sick, broken hearted and starting the new job. I am surprised she still likes me.
There were some good times too. My friends Danny and Bethany brought their kids over for breakfast conference Sunday and Danny cooked for us. That was a lot of fun and it was so good to see them.
Ellie also said some funny things of course. She is such a girlie girl and with all the nephews I have I love it! She always had to be wearing a dress or long shirts with leggings or a skirt. One day I held up jeans and a shirt and asked if she wanted to wear that. She looked at it and said, "umm, no thank you.". So I found a blousy shirt a mini skirt and leggings. She was good with that.
Filing her nails after watching me do it.
One of her cute girly outfits.
Playing outside.  She wanted "a backpack like Daddy"
I thought she was darling carrying her purse around.
One day I was painting her toe nails and I wasn't really paying attention to what she was doing. I had her sitting on the bathroom counter. She grabbed a toothpick and went to put it in the polish. She said to herself "I stick it in there? No? Okay." it was so funny. The other funny thing happened at church. Someone sneezed and Ellie started looking around and saying "Doggy? Is there a doggy in here?" I am almost positive the sneezer heard her.
After ten days Jeff and Erica finally returned. I was so happy to see them. They did being me a beautiful red leather purse from Italy.

Monday the 9th we went in to the city to see some sights. Jeff rode the train to grand central with us and then put us on a subway with written instructions how to get everywhere we had decided to go. He had to go to school so he couldn't come with us.
Our first stop was battery park where we could view the Statue of Liberty.
The blossoms were beautiful.
MaLynda's first view.

Then we saw Wall Street.
After that we walked over to the 9/11 memorial. You walk through a place that has pictures and signs people had posted about missing persons. There was videos going from interviews of people who lost loved ones. There was also things they had found at ground zero on display. Then we walked over to where the buildings were. Now they have big waterfalls there. It was neat. Plus they are rebuilding the buildings.
Then we took the subway to NYC to find Jeff for lunch. We bought gyros from a street vendor. That's all Jeff had time for then he had to go back to class. So then MaLynda and I went to Times Square and stood in line for discount broadway show tickets. We were able to get tickets to Phantom! We were pretty excited about that. Oh yeah and we saw the naked cowboy which I have never seen before in all my trips to New York. :)
That is not me or MaLynda with him just so you know.

We saw Morgan Freeman......Okay he was wax.
Then we had to book it down to get on a boat to go on our circle line tour. Jeff's sister-in-law bought us the tickets to that as a thank you for babysitting. We were able to see some pretty cool stuff. We got pretty close to the statue of liberty.

Then we rode the bus back to meet Jeff for dinner before the play. Phantom was amazing of course!
Here is some other views of Times Square at night.
Then we went straight to the gym Jeff cleans and helped him clean it. We didn't get home until after 2. I should win sister of the year.

The next day we went to the city again. We had to say goodbye to everyone because we were not returning. Ellie wasn't very happy. I think she kind of likes me. Since we were flying out that day we only had a few hours. We walked through Central Park.
The flowers were soooo pretty!

Then we went to Rockefeller center.

I have never seen this when it was still a skating rink.  I usually see it as a cafe in the summer.

Then we ate pizza and saw some other sights.
Restaurant they show on Seinfield of course.

Then we saw the temple. We met some missionaries and one of them happened to be from Cedar City. Small world.

Then as we were driving out of town we took some final pictures.

Then Jeff dropped us off at the airport on his way home. We had a layover in Chicago so we had pizza for the second time that day. It was entirely different though. Then we flew into Vegas where my Mom and Neal were waiting. It was the first time I was seeing them from their mission. It was very exciting! Kind of like a missionary homecoming at the airport only I was the one flying in.
I was so glad to be home. I felt like I had to get used to a new normal though since so much had changed. The first few days back I walked around in a fog. I am better now (for the most part). I am just glad I came back sane! (I guess that might could be debated.)


Kori said...

Wow! Fun trip. That is definitely going to be an experience you will never forget. You are the sweetest sister to be willing to do that. Trust me, don't make a decision on the kid thing just yet. I watch my niece and nephew Mon-Fri 7:30 AM to 6 PM and it is a challenge but it is so different when they are your own children. Glad you had fun and made it back sane. Enjoy the new job!

Erin said...

Such fun pictures! I dont think i saw any of these. The pizza looks delicious; a lot of pressure to live up to though, so i hope the stuff you have in Green Bay doesnt dissapoint :)

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