Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Stuff

I haven't really had anything to blog about lately so I haven't updated in awhile.  Here it is December 23rd and I hadn't even but up a Christmas background or put on my Christmas music.  Anyway I decided I would take a picture of my cute little living room.  Since our tree is so small it turned out nice to put it on the coffee table.
This is a cookie recipe I decided to try this year.  They were kind of a lot of work but I thought they turned out cute.  They were pretty good too.
And this is a scarf that I saw and decided that I could probably crochet it.  I found a pattern and I have now made four of them for gifts. 
It has been kind of a weird Christmas season with my Mom gone but I have loved having my brother's family here.  I told my nephew Marshal that I would sleep at his house for Christmas.  So he has been counting down.  He told me yesterday that there was two more days until I sleep over and three more days until Christmas.  I love that me sleeping over is exciting enough for him to count down.

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Bodacious Berty said...

You got to spend almost everyday for the past two weeks eating lunch with me. Now that's exciting enough to add to your christmas list. ;) Those cookies were so pretty, and the scarf - love it. And, I always enjoyed coming over to your cozy condo to bask in the christmas atmosphere.

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