Saturday, August 7, 2010

Lake Powell 2010!!!!

My cousins invited me to Lake Powell again this summer.  I had so much fun last year that I rescheduled a client and had a swimming suit priority shipped to me so I could go!  Swimming, boating, tubing, sleeping and sunburning are a few of the things that happened that day.  Here are some pictures of the fun:
Lone Rock
I swam up into that little canyon
That is Owen, Marv and Nick.  Their antics always make me laugh!

 This is Nick.  After I took this picture I told him I was going to show it to all my single friends.  The only problem is girls.......he's young!  Sorry!
 I love this picture of the two little girls sleeping.  If only I could sleep wherever!
This is Marv and Nick DIVING into the water.  They are crazy.
This is how we all felt after a long day of fun!
And now my skin is peeling like crazy from all the sun.  I would take a picture but believe me, you don't want to see it!


Big Mama said...

I get so jealous of your blog! Your always having so much fun!!!

Lib-Dawg...Woof, Woof!!! said...

Oh my gosh the water looks so blue and pretty! Yeah to bad your cousin is young...just in case things don't work out between you know who and me!!! And bummer deal of no pictures of you...I'm starting to wonder if you even went to Lake Powell. Haha I know you did cause I saw the sun burn!

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