Thursday, June 10, 2010

I Moved!

Several weeks ago my brother moved his family to Salt Lake. I was so sad to see my precious nine month old niece move away from me but at least it wasn't New York (they thought about it). But his move couldn't have come at a better time for me, no offense to him. You see me and my fellow housemate Erin needed a new place to live. Since my brother owned the condo he had been living in I told him that I could be persuaded to move there and rent it from him. For a good deal of course. It worked out for us all. The only draw back....he forwarded his mail for the Goulding family and mine has gone with it. I miss my Netflix most of all. So other than being mail-less, (and male-less hehehe) life it good. Here are a few picture of the new place. My bedroom is still kind of messy. I'll have to get a picture of that later.

This is the scene out our kitchen window.
There are a lot of prairie dogs out there


D.Suth. said...

That's hilarious abt the netfilx. How long will you have to go w/o mail??

I always think its fun to move so I hope you like to do it as well, since you had to.

Did your other contract run out?

D.Suth. said...

Oh I just saw the prarie dog comment, we have them too. Aren't they cute? My husband saw two holding hands while kissing :)

Anonymous said...

Cute new place! I see you cleaned it all up just for the camera.

Erin said...

Sorry I wasn't there to help you unpack my stuff! You are swell. But it sure is cozy.

Oh, and if the 3 am howling cats would do their job, those prairie dogs would have a run for their money!

Natalie said...

Looks cute! I'll have to make a trip down sometime soon and check it out!

P.S.- Love the Maleless comment. Heee Heee!

Lib-Dawg...Woof, Woof!!! said...

You need to get your NETFLIX FIXED. That's driving me crazy!!!! Oh I would just die without netflix, JUST DIE!!! Love the new place, especially the purple, yellow, and red!!!! Great color combo!

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